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Nicola Daly Website now live

Posted by Jordan on 19th October 2012

It’s been a busy few months in the ‘land of freelancing’ and whilst the busy period isn’t over yet, I am happy to show off one of my latest completed projects for Nicola Daly.

Nicola creates beautiful bespoke hand-tailored clothing and attire using Swarovski Elements and the results speak for themselves.

It’s not very often that I get to work on a project unrestricted and have total creative freedom so when Nicola commissioned me to create her branding and also a website I jumped to the challenge.

After looking at some of Nicola’s work it’s easy to see that she is clearly the queen of creating beautiful and elegant attire, specialising in shoes and so it seemed only natural that she should be deemed “Her Royal Heelness”, a slogan that will be used throughout her branding. Nicola wanted to stay with her own name for the main branding/website after building up a large twitter following as well as various celebrities.

I wanted to keep the branding simple, elegant and to some extent, regal and so created a decorative ‘crown’ motif to sit upon the logotype.

I also got to work on some photography (see the image above) for the site, again, running with the theme of luxury and elegance and is something that will be continued as Nicola creates more stunning pieces.

Ladies: If you are looking for some special for an occasion, visit Nicola’s website.

Gents: If you are looking for a special and unique Christmas gift for your other half, visit Nicola’s website quick as she is already getting Christmas orders!

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