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Letraset Neon Marker Set – Review

Posted by Jordan on 25th August 2012

I have a confession. I am uncontrollably addicted to buying stationery and art supplies. Not sure why, it’s impulsive and whilst with my logical way of thinking, I know it is not rational, I can’t stop myself – like a magpie looking for shiny things to collect.

Seriously, my collection of Copic and Letraset Markers alone must be now running into £200+!

So you can imagine that when the lovely folks at Letraset sent me a set of their new neon markers, it felt like christmas!

image of Letraset Neon Markers

I’ve been using them for a week and must say, if you do any kind of illustration or conceptual work using markers, these are a must buy!

Form Factor

The pens are well-built and follow the form factor of the Letraset ProMarkers (Not the higher end Tria Markers).

However, the tips are different from the standard ProMarkers as instead of a wide flat tip and thin round tip, they have decided to go with the a larger round tip instead of the wide flat. I am not sure for the reasons behind this – maybe as the colours should only be used as accents rather than filling large blocks or possibly to differentiate them from standard highlighters.

Also, unlike the standard ProMarkers, these pens are not alcohol-based but are water-based like the Aqua Marker Range. I have both Aqua Markers and ProMarkers and in the past have always thought the ProMarkers are a lot smoother and give a more consistent finish – not the case with the Neon Markers. Thy perform well, give a smooth finish and In fact, I only realised they were water based after noticing a lack of fumes/odour from the pens leading me to having a quick search online.


The Letraset Neon Markers come in a set of 6 colours: Spark Red, Electric Pink, Radiant Orange, Luminous Yellow, Glowing Green and Volt Blue.

Initial views of the colours are, well… impressive! They are mostly very bright and definitely add that extra ‘something’ to illustration/design work.

In the past I have always just used regular ol’ highlighters when needed in my illustration work and so I wanted to see how the Letraset Markers would match up against standard highlighters.

I tested the Neon Markers against regular highlighters on standard Letraset Bleedproof Acid-Free Marker Pad Paper and there was a lot more variation than I thought.

The Letraset Markers were streak and blotch free whilst the traditional highlighters were inconsistent, blotchy and over-saturated the paper (which is quite bizarre for a bleedproof pad)! Colour wise, the Letraset came out on top again (though my photo is a little off, the Letraset were a lot brighter than the standard highlighters).

I didn’t compare the Spark Red Marker as I couldn’t find a red highlighter anywhere but will say that it was just as bright as the others. It’s possible that Spark Red was thrown into the mix to make it a set of 6 like other Letraset sets. The Volt Blue Marker was a little underwhelming and I am not sure I would deem it as ‘neon’ but it was still brighter than the standard highlighter so I was happy.

As they are pigment inks, they should work on darker colours too, though I found it was difficult to make the colours out on black and even some darker colours.


As I mentioned before, if you do any kind of illustration, fashion design or conceptual work, these are definitely a great purchase and a great price direct from Letraset. At the time of writing this, the set of 6 were £13.78 (GBP), $22.05 (USD), €16.54 (EUR). Letraset offer free shipping but the set fall just under so it may be worth chucking in a Bleedproof Pad to go over the free shipping threshold.

If you would like to buy the Letraset Neon Markers Set or any other Letraset products, you can do so on Letraset’s Website.

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4 responses to “Letraset Neon Marker Set – Review”

  1. Interesting content on the other hand I would like to explain to you that I think there is trouble with your RSS feeds when they appear to not be working for me. Might be just me but I was thinking I would suggest it.

    • Jordan says:

      Thanks for the kind comment – I have now fixed the RSS feed issue, if you are still having problems please let me know 🙂

  2. Dr. Ramon de Torres says:

    I have the Letraset markers and am quite satisfied with them, but I find that they don’t play well with alcohol markers. Something in the pigment makes them resist alcohol inks. So, I am searching for a set of alcohol ink based neon markers or bottled alcohol inks in a rainbow assortment of colors, not merely a 4 set, but equal in number to the Letraset or more. Do you know of any sources? I’ll show you a drawing I am in process of completing if you wish.

    • Jordan says:

      Hi Ramon,

      May I ask how you are using them? I have found I get fairly good results by using the neon markers first, allowing to dry and then using the normal markers on top.

      I think Sharpie make Neon Markers and I have heard of people dismantling sharpie pens to get the cartridge/ink sponge thing out and using it to make alcohol ink (Search youtube for “making alcohol ink with sharpies”).

      If you have any more questions, i’d be glad to help 🙂

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