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Web Design in Portsmouth

Posted by Jordan on 20th July 2011

For those who live in or have visited Portsmouth (UK), it quickly becomes apparent that there’s a lot of people here. There’s also a lot of businesses, which as a freelance web designer is a good thing.

However, a busy city is not without its downfalls – a lot of businesses also means a lot of competition. There’s literally hundreds of freelancers, design agencies, web designers and developers all aiming to serve the same businesses, in the same area and the competition has pushed the standards high.

There’s also a good community spirit (at least with the designers/agencies I have come across) and again, whilst this is a great thing, it also means it makes it more difficult if your looking for new business but know that the company/client have worked with colleagues in the past and your not sure on their current relationship.

This initially was not an issue for me. When I worked full-time, I would freelance in the evenings and always had a backlog of work (as I could only manage a few hours a night). Fortunately, since going full-time freelance, I have still had a constant stream of work but have noticed that certain periods of the year are quiet. In this time, most freelancers will relax, work on their own projects, study and get ready for the rush (as the quiet periods never last long).

I have been using this time to work on my own projects, keep my websites updated and also get some things ticked off the ‘to-do’ list (paint the garden fence etc)! The Tasty Icons project is shaping up nicely and will be posting udpates shortly.

However, I can’t shake that feeling that I should be working on commercial projects/client work and so I have started looking for additional clients in the PSFH (Portsmouth, Southsea, Fareham and Havant) area.

I am also looking for business networking events/opportunities so if you have any info you would like to share, please get in touch.

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