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I’m now on Forrst

Posted by Jordan on 8th July 2011

I’ve been working freelance for a while now and have slowly began to notice the effects of working freelance. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love freelancing and I talk to clients a lot but what I don’t seem to have is designers/developers around me to talk to about new technologies/practices, trends and changes and even the ups and downs of life. Whilst I do have Ralphy, our conversations are somewhat one-sided and he tends to only sleep, eat, bark and run.

image of the Forrst ranger and the forrst me account for Jordan Memari

That’s why I decided to join some design communities! I am now on Forrst and from what I have seen so far, there are a bunch of amazing designers and developers who talk, share and help each other in the competitive world of design and development.

I will be posting some work to Forrst soon and you’ll be able to view it here:

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