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Apple iPhone 5 Event September 2012

Posted by Jordan on 9th September 2012

Every time Apple announce a new event, I get excited at the thought that there may be a new industry and life changing device/product/service ready to shake up the world of technology. As PR gods, Apple are experts in presenting themselves and creating a buzz amongst it’s fans and rivals alike.

It’s well known that there is always a cheeky hint, some more obvious than others, at what the event may be about in the pre-event displays and images. A prime example below – the teaser for the September 12th 2012 Apple Event:

Apple Event September 2012 showing iphone 5 hint

On the left you can see the original image and on the right is the same image with the brightness and contrast tweaked. A blatant hint at the iPhone 5 announcement.

Slightly more subtle, hints at iOS 6 and potential hints at a screen size change can be found in the event window display for the event on 12 September 2012:

Apple Media Event September 2012 window display

I read an article on MacRumors showing the colourful background blur modified to reveal some very familiar icons from iOS.

It got me thinking, as a web designer, how much can I clarify the image and try to display what was originally displayed before all of the blurring was applied.

Firstly, I removed all the artefacts that may interfere with the image or our perception of the image once we try to reduce the blur.

modified apple media event display

Next, I closed up the gaps created by the window frames and adjusted the perspective to straighten up the image.

adjusted apple event display image

Finally, I tidied up a few small sections, used smart sharped to adjust both vertical and horizontal motion blur and then reduced the height of the image so that the icons were more square.

iphone 5 event showing potential thermometer app

As you can see straight away there are some old familiar favourites; iTunes, iPod, Game Center and Safari. However, there are a couple of other icons which are not familiar:

Icon 1
Not very clear as there is only a small area – this could be mail, stocks, safari or something new – very unclear to see.

Icon 5
Again, not much to go on here as the Apple logo is in the way but it appears to be red fading into blue. The first thing that comes to mind for me is Thermometer. Is it possible that iOS6 will have a new app for a potential new hardware feature in the iPhone 5, a thermometer?

Icon 6
This is interesting as it clearly looks like a tree but I cannot imagine what it would represent. Perhaps it’s not an app at all and Apple will be talking about their environmental impact and their cloud/data centres.

Another interesting point to note is that the apps appear to be in different positions, 2 & 3 are upside down and 9 is diagonal (based on the current Safari icon and the direction of the needle).

Apple may also be hinted that the “stretched icons” is a hint at a longer screen. Whilst many will state it is nothing more than a design choice, I wouldn’t strike this off as Apple are very good at subtle hints and clues.

For now, I’ll be counting down the hours until Wednesday!

**UPDATE** 09/09/2012 @ 20:37
I have seen other sites speculating/claiming that icon 5 (in the picture above) is the stocks icon with the graph. This may be true though the current stocks icon does not include any red and the window display clearly shows a fade from red to blue.

**UPDATE 2** 09/09/2012 @ 21:29
I have been looking at the middle icon (number 5 in the pics above) more closely and have noticed a green streak running down the side.

I am really starting to think it is a thermometer. If it is flipped, the red (hot) is at the top and the blue (cold) is at the bottom. There is also a green bar with a white border running up the side and what appears to be numbers on the bottom.

If I am right, I imagine it would display the correct temperature on the app in the same manner as the calendar displays the correct date.

I have shown a breakdown as well as a very rough icon mockup of what it may look like (no judgement on my rough mockup :p):

apple iPhone 5 Thermometer

**UPDATE 3** 10/09/2012 @ 09:54
After some digging around I found an article by iOSNova stating they have heard rumours of the iPhone 5 having an in-built thermometer inside of the speaker module (allowing it to gauge the temperature of the air around the phone).

They also state that it would be used as a phone safety feature; for those who like to sunbathe and leave their phone out to cook, it would automatically cut the phone off at a certain temperature.

It would make sense to allow users to view the temperature and sell it as a ‘user feature’ as if the hardware is already available, the app for a thermometer would not be a lot of work.

I’m speculating, but it may also be possible that the thermometer would be there for any potential overheating issues. I know that my iPhone 4 got a lot hotter than my 3 and my 4s gets a lot hotter than the 4 did!

**UPDATE 3** 10/09/2012 @ 10:36
Starting to get quite a few views on the post now so thought I would create an updated mockup of what the app icon might look like if it is indeed a thermometer:

**PLEASE NOTE** after a lot of comments saying “those aren’t real Apple icons” I must clarify for those who like to skim read and then make judgements…


apple ios6 thermometer app

**UPDATE 4** 10/09/2012 @ 18:48
After a massive amount of visitors to the site and reading a lot of comments on various forums, I am now starting to wonder if the last icon is Safari.

The reason being, the first icon is has been pointed out to be a generic icon used during events. The next 4 icons are upside and the last 4 icons appear to be in the correct direction. If this is the case, a white point in the middle of the icon would suggest that it is not Safari.

There seems to be a lot of buzz around the idea of biometrics and health. Is it possible it is a health/biometrics related app?

Potential mockup below:

ios6 biometrics health app

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