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A sunny day in Portsmouth

Posted by Jordan on 15th July 2011

Despite being the middle of July, the weather in Portsmouth hasn’t been great lately. One minute the sun is shining and then next it’s pouring down. So on Monday, I jumped at the opportunity to work from the garden whilst it was still hot outside! I grabbed my laptop, graphics tablet and power extension cord and headed out to the garden, only to be greeted by the flying ants!

It turned out they had also been waiting for a chance to get out when the weather improved and after unintentionally ingesting a few, I decided to grab my camera, take some pictures and quickly retreat in doors before I ate any more.

Flying ants in Portsmouth

I also thought it would be a good opportunity to takes some pictures of Ralphy. He’s become obsessed with a pink garden chair we bought last week over in Fareham.

There’s was a bit of overcast when I took this one but I think Ralphy’s expression makes the photo awesome!

A sunny day in Portsmouth

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